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Hello there. We are Lupito's Pizzeria and this is our story.

As pandemic was still ravaging in 2021, our family frequently ordered pizzas, but the pizzas of popular chains have degraded over the past years. Maybe this was done to cut costs or to stay afloat, but for whatever reasons, their pizzas are not good anymore.

We remember when we visited Naples in 2017, we tasted their pizzas and it was unlike any other. We're used to pizzas that are bursting with flavors and with a lot of different toppings, but theirs is very simple yet amazingly satisfying. As we interviewed people there, there was a pattern emerging from the stories on how they cook. It's all about using a few but high quality ingredients. For the pizza, they're using not just any kind of flour but a very specific one, same goes for their tomatoes, mozzarella, and other things they use; they are obsessed with using only the best ingredients. They tell stories on how the soil is different in one specific region, or how the volcano affects the taste of the produce.

That trip has been a revelation to us ever since. We have incorporated that simple thought to our dishes. As you become more connected to each ingredient you use for cooking, the more you become aware of the nuances and the subtleties of each flavor profile.

Lupito's Pizzeria was born out of the desire to share this idea of giving an importance to a few but good ingredients.

So who is Lupito? Our dog and the CEO of Lupito's Pizzeria:


We also have our coffee shop named after our dog which you may want to check out: Popoy's Kapihan


For inquiries, you may email them at [email protected]

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